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  • Where should I store my chocolate?
    Remember, chocolate melts at body temperature! All of our products should be stored at room temperature away from any heat sources and not in the fridge. Chocolate is very porous and can taste like other foods you have stored in the fridge like for example an onion.
  • How long will my chocolate last?
    All of our products have a best before date that is product dependent. For example, our Artisan Chocolates should be consumed within 1 Month of purchase but our Barks should be consumed within 4 months from our production date.
  • Do you carry Dairy Free products?
    Yes we do! We have a variety of products that do not contain any dairy. You can find those located on the Vegan page on the Products drop down.
  • Do you carry Sugar Free products?
    Yes we will but the products are not made in store! Although we might not have much to start, we will be getting high quality sugar free products from one of our local suppliers.
  • Do you carry Gluten Free products?
    We do have products that we consider "Gluten Friendly". Because we are not a gluten free facility we cannot guarantee there hasn't been any cross contamination but we do try our hardest to keep the kitchen clean by wiping our tables in-between products.
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